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Tree Removal in Dana Point, CA

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Tree Removal From The Experts

When you need tree removal in Dana Point, CA, there’s no better place to call than Luna Tree. We offer deep experience in tree service, passed down through our family for nearly a century. Our ISA-certified arborists understand how to provide the best possible recommendations for tree removal, so your family and property will remain safe.

It’s important when removing or generally caring for trees to work with a company that understands the local environment and ecosystem. We work with various trees common in Dana Point, especially palm trees, and are prepared to give the best possible advice when it’s time to cut down those trees due to damage, illness, or other reasons.

Our home base is in Capistrano Beach, so we are perfectly positioned to service both Dana Point and San Clemente. Call us at 949-694-7950 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate today.

How Tree Removal Works

When you call Luna Tree, we answer promptly and schedule an initial service appointment. Our qualified team will examine the tree in question and determine whether or not it requires removal. Sometimes, the answer is obvious. Removal is necessary if a tree is downed, partially uprooted, or a clear danger. But we will provide alternate solutions, like pruning if a tree could be saved.

Once we determine that tree removal in Dana Point is required, we will provide a free estimate for our services and plan a way to safely get rid of the tree, without endangering people or property. After we perform the initial removal, which removes the tree above the stump, we will also grind the stump for you, so all above-ground evidence of the former tree is eliminated.

When To Remove A Tree

Whether you have a Coast Live Oak or a Lemon tree, many of the warning signs that you need tree removal in Dana Point are the same. For example, you may notice the following:
This list is not comprehensive, and you should always check with a trusted, local tree service like Luna Tree if you are concerned. You may also decide to remove a tree for reasons that have nothing to do with that tree’s health or safety. For example, if you’re planning an addition to your home, trees may need to be removed to free up space.

Completing The Job With Stump Grinding

Dana Point tree removal has two components. First, we cut down the tree, leaving a stump behind. Then, we functionally remove that stump by grinding it down. Stump grinding is not technically a full removal of the stump, as we leave the root system of the tree behind. However, it is widely recognized as the best way to eliminate a stump, as it is quick and minimally invasive.

Stump removal processes that get rid of the roots require excavation or harmful chemicals. Stump grinding, on the other hand, employs a grinder that turns the stump into woodchips, grinding it down to a level below the surface. While the roots will remain, they do die over time, especially if properly broken up by an expert tree service professional and certified arborist.

When you need help with tree removal and stump grinding in Dana Point or Capistrano Beach, Luna Tree is your go-to. We’ve worked hard to become one of the most reliable and recognized tree service providers in South Orange County. Sometimes tree removals are urgent; sometimes they’re part of your routine maintenance and care. No matter the reason for your removal and stump grinding, give us a call at 949-694-7950!