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Six Fascinating Tree Removal Facts

Homeowners need tree removal for a variety of reasons. They may want to make their lawn feel bigger or make room for a building project. Sometimes, trees are too diseased, damaged, or unappealing to look at, and removing them becomes a necessity. From historical tree removal practices to modern felling advances, this piece covers six fascinating facts about tree removal.

1. Stone Age Tree Removal

Early man only had stone tools to work with for their daily tasks. An angled piece of stone lashed to a sturdy stick was a slow but effective axe. Wood was used for things like:

  • Campfire fuel
  • Building material
  • Tools
  • And more

Sometimes early civilizations just needed to clear an area to build habitats or other projects. Eventually, bronze-age tools sped up the process of felling trees to meet the demands for wood.

2. The Industrial Revolution

The biggest leap forward for tree removal techniques and equipment came during the Industrial Revolution. The mechanical invention of the chainsaw led to trees being cut down significantly faster than ever before in history. This speed helped meet the lumber demands for a quickly growing world population. The invention of the mechanical stump grinder made the difficult process of removing space-taking stumps much easier. While advancements have been made on both of these tools, their origins can be traced to this period in history.

3. Directional Felling

As populated areas become more dense, tree removal near buildings poses a significant risk to both the safety of people and structures. As a solution, arborists use directional felling and precision cutting techniques. This allows trees to be removed in tightly packed urban areas without causing property damage.

4. Climbing Techniques

For as long as large trees needed trimming or complete removal, workers have needed to climb them. Specialized climbing equipment and techniques are used by arborists to safely get to the top of trees and remove sections even in confined spaces. Even if an entire tree is to be removed, it is often beneficial to get to the top and take parts of the tree down instead of felling the entire tree in one go.

5. Environmental Sustainability

These days, it’s common for arborists to practice sustainable tree removal. This means they will focus on recycling stumps, branches, and other tree waste. Usually, this is done by turning the waste into wood chips or mulch.

6. Advanced Technology

As technology improves, so do tree removal techniques. Flying drones can now be utilized to take a look at trees and check the status of their health, seeing if removal is even necessary. Drones can also be useful to scout out removal plans in areas that are more difficult to access before action is taken.

Tree removal has come a long way over the years. Specialized equipment and techniques help ensure a smooth practice. Of course, safe and proper tree removal requires the experience and skills of a professional.

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